Wish I was There: Cleveland Released 1.5 Million Balloons

baloons3Ok, so this isn’t exactly news, but only reporting news would be restricting so we’ll just ignore that. The same way you try to ignore those teens wearing restricting pants who stand by your car in the parking lot and smoke. What are they doing out there? Why can’t they stand somewhere else? I don’t even have anything good to steal.

Back in 1986 the city of Cleveland decided they put themselves on the map by setting a new world record. They planned to fill up 1.5 million balloons and release them simultaneously beating out Disneyland current record of something less than that.

Judging by the pictures and video it looks like the whole operation actually went quite well. There was a storm to deal with and some planes got grounded. And they blotted out the sun for a while but it was a city in the 80’s, they’re pretty used to all of that.

Hit the jump for more shots and the video.

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