Won’t Fit in a Pocket: Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

tumbler-iphone-5If you’re fool enough to have purchased an iPhone 5 in the first place then there is a good chance that you’ll also by some crazy case to put it in that will render the phone even less usable. Case in point, the Batmobile Tumbler case available here. Hope you know Japanese so you can actually order from that site.

My calculations put the price at about $55, which I’m sure you cold come up with over 10-12 years of digging through the couch cushions. Interesting fact: finding money in your own couch doesn’t count as making money, but it is kind of like reclaiming a portion of the money that was once yours but then was taken away by a horde of goblins to be used for their various and sundry nefarious purposes. Think of it as a tax return.

No word on whether the case will drive itself or if it comes with a Batman mini-fig. I’m gonna guess “no” on both though. But the one wheel does poke out so you can still shoot some poor quality video. Just remember to shoot in landscape mode, or we’ll ridicule you into an early grave.

Hit the jump for more shots.

tumbler-iphone-5-2 tumbler-iphone-5-1