Works of Shakespeare, From Beyond the Grave

shakespeare_head_5251Due to his trademarked misspellings and bad handwriting (I doubt he actually trademarked either) new works of William Shakespeare have just been identified. This is important to you because, well, it isn’t… It is important to high school English teachers and 14 year old girls. Both groups fawn over Shakespeare’s work even though god knows none of them understand a word he wrote.

Back in the 16th century Thomas Kyd wrote the play “The Spanish Tragedy.” There were 5 additional passages added to the play, totaling an additional 325 lines. After centuries of searching for who wrote the lines an English Professor of all people has discovered that it was Shakespeare. I’m not sure why it took so long to figure out. I’m guessing it was one of two things. 1. No one asked back in the day. Which leads to 2. No one cared.

“This is the clinching evidence we need to admit the additional passages into the Shakespeare canon,” says Douglas Bruster, professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin. “It’s not every day we get to identify new writing by Shakespeare, so this is an exciting moment.”

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