Would Eat: Late 80’s Superhero Cake


First person that can find me the video or comic where the one of Captain Planet’s sidekicks complains that the power of Heart sucks wins a prize. Prizes include the quarter hiding under the leftmost cushion of your parent’s couch and any one item you’d like from your neighbor’s front yard.

This cake was made for a 30th birthday celebration with a superhero theme featuring superheros from the birthday boys childhood. His family requested that the cake have a He-Man, Captain Planet and Spiderman theme, so I chose to do He-Mans chest plate and sword, Spidermans chest logo and outfit and Captain Planets logo along with the 5 rings used by the Planeteers in the cartoon series. This choc mud cake caters for approx 150 coffee / 75 desert size portions.

Okay, someone at Cake Central explain what a coffee sized portion of cake is? Apparently it’s half of a desert size. If that’s the case what’s the point?  when I look at this cake I see three portions. The Captain Planet, Spiderman, and He-Man Portions.