Would Frequent: New Japanese Kaiju Bar

kaiju28There’s a new watering hole in Kawasaki, Japan called “Kaiju Sakaba” which translates to Kaiju Bar. I don’t know what Kaiju means in English okay? I have a buddy that used to use the handle El Niño, he would say, “I am El Niño which in English means The Niño.

the bar is filled with Kaiju memorabilia and even the manager is a Kaiju, pictured above. This seems to be an important part of Japanese culture for some reason that I’ll have to spend many hears studying. It’s important here too but only for kids watching Power Rangers. Speaking of, Power rangers is the only thing on TV I’ve ever believed might cause children to be more violent. I once watched a pair of children sit quietly with their mother for about 32 seconds before they both simultaneously screamed “Power Rangers” and commenced beating the tar out of each other.

There is only one rule in this bar, “No superheroes and no members of the Science Patrol allowed.”

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.

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