Would Ride into Battle: New World’s Largest Dinosaur

bigRemember when you were a kid and the biggest dinosaur out there was the Brontosaurus. Then you learned at about 19 years old that no such dinosaur ever existed. And you were crushed. Well here’s a new one for you.

The latest dinosaur to be discovered was 26 metres long and seven times as heavy as Tyrannosaurus rex . Named Dreadnoughtus schrani by the team who found it, the bones belonged to the largest known land animal whose size can be reliably calculated. And it wasn’t even fully grown.

The 77-million-year-old Dreadnoughtus skeleton was found in south-west Patagonia, Argentina, in 2005

Ok, Dreadnoughtus is a pretty bad ass name but I move that we name this one the Brontosaurus and save the Dreadnought-name for the next huge one that comes around. Who’s with me?

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