Feb 03 2014

Would Sail: Life-Sized Cardboard Pirate Ship

YJzy5cOUsing nothing more than cardboard, hot glue, box cutters, and a butt-tonne of creativity, three guys spent 5 days last year creating a life-sized pirate ship for a Halloween party on Treasure Island. I really hope they didn’t sail out there in this or things could have gotten soggy and disappointing quickly.

Despite the enormity of the project the size is not the best part of the creation. The best aspect is the figurehead (intentionally left of of the image above. HA)

The last thing I made of of cardboard was a frisbee. And I didn’t so much make it as I reclaimed it from the bottom of frozen pizza. And I didn’t so much reclaim it as I simply found it hiding under there. It’s a good thing too or else that pizza would have tasted even less like delivery. Well, maybe delivery from that one place that makes crappy burnt-tasting artisan pizza that people still purchase for some reason I’ll never understand.

Hit the jump for more shots.

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