Would Steal: Beautiful Hobit Artwork Journal

lotr-art-1Like everyone else int he world I’m pretty infatuated with The Hobbit and previously The Lord of the Rings movies. I read the books too, in fact, The Hobbit is one of a very few books that I’ve ever read more than once. I’m not going to attempt that with the LOTR books though. Once is enough for those ones, now they can just be a trophy on the shelf to signify my triumph.

DeviantArtist Kinko-White appears to enjoy the movies as well as they have created this beautiful notebook full or art form the series. I’ll feature the Hobbit images here as that’s what’s in vogue right now. You hear that, “in vogue,” I’m so down with the lingo.

Hit the jump for a bunch more.

thorin_s_map_by_kinko_white-d6pfv9b the_necromancer_of_dol_guldur_by_kinko_white-d6nyuh2 the_hobbit_by_kinko_white-d6qfvxd royal_family_of_mirkwood_by_kinko_white-d66scfx orcrist__the_sword_of_thorin_oakenshield_by_kinko_white-d6vg9h0 lotr-art-5 lotr-art-6 lotr-art-7 lotr-art-8 map_of_middle_earth_by_kinko_white-d6jio33 mirkwood_map_by_kinko_white-d6u73d7 lotr-art-4 lotr-art-3 lotr-art-2 lothlorien_bow_of_legolas_greenleaf_by_kinko_white-d6z1262 legolas_by_kinko_white-d6r06xl bilbo_baggins_by_kinko_white-d67kg6t gandalf_the_grey_by_kinko_white-d6me9jn glamdring__the_sword_of_gandalf_by_kinko_white-d6wdc1n heart_of_mirkwood_by_kinko_white-d6eg54y king_under_the_mountain_by_kinko_white-d6lj9z5 professor_by_kinko_white-d67x3k9