Apr 08 2014

Would Wear: Bruise Suit Indicates Internal Injuries for Those Who Feel No Pain

bruiseSome people won’t let an injury or genetic condition stop them. People like the athletes in the Paralympics. The problem arises when someone who has no sensation in parts of their body gets injured. Sometimes even serious injuries can go unnoticed and hence untreated.

That’s where this new Bruise suit comes in. The athlete wears the suit that has shock pads that indicate when that part of the body receives a blow hard enough to cause an injury. Then the melee is over the athlete can then be treated for the injuries that they probably didn’t know they had. to the end that those injuries don’t go on to cause other problems.

I have to say this is a pretty brilliant solution to a problem that I had no idea existed. you’ll have to watch the video to get an idea of what went in to developing the suits. You’ll also get to see Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, who you may know from Nitro Circus, take a massive hit on a skate-jump.

Hit the jump for the video.

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