WTF did I just Watch: Rollercoaster Through the Internet

captureEvery now and then you stumble upon a video that seems like it will be worth you spending three minutes of your valuable time to watch. Maybe the screen capture pulled you in or the title grabbed your attention, or perhaps you were linked to it by some misguided friend. Regardless about 7 times out of ten the video is a huge waste of time. Then there’s those times you come across those gems of the internet that you can throw your name behind and start spreading the word yourself.

The third option is videos like this. I decided to take the time to watch it because I was promised a Roller Coaster Through the Internet. I actually went into this interested thinking I might learn something about the internet itself. Instead I got a seizure inducing acid trip that left a passing coworker thrashing around on the floor and foaming at the mouth. It later turned out to be a sour candy overdose but still.

Set to The Octopus Project’s song “MMKIT,” the video was animated by 14 teams, each working on an 11-second snippet of the song. Despite the disparate teams contributing to the project, the 3-minute end result is strikingly cohesive. If a zigzagging roller coaster ride of sight and sound can ever be called “cohesive.”

If you’re in to this kind of stuff then, by all means, watch it. If not, let this be an example of one of those videos that you take one for the team and sample and then not pass on to your friends. Not everyone needs to suffer.

Hit the jump for the video..