You Broke My Brain: Artful Animated GIFs

tumblr_mojxuyDukT1qc0s10o1_500You gotta watch some people. You let them lose on the world and you’re soon going to find you are missing all your forks and neighborhood lawnmower blades are disappearing. Me? You let me lose and I’ll find a piece of string and a corner to sit in and I’ll entertain myself for days.

For Croation Digital artist Paolo ńĆeric if you let him have his way he’ll hide in an office and create animated GIFs with software like Cinema 4D, or After Effects, or the programming language Processing. The results are often pretty amazing. I wouldn’t expect a wobbly stack of plated or a fat ghost to be so mesmerizing but you take a look and tell me they’re not.

Hit the jump for my favorites.

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