Your Daily Dose of Ships Crashing

shipsSome days are just the worst. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep. Maybe you forgot to get gas the night before so now you have to stop on the way to work. Maybe you turned on the wrong burner and cooked an oven mitt instead of your eggs. One way or another you just know you’re not going to have a good day.

I wonder how the day started out for the two captains of these giant-freaking-ships that crashed into each other in the Suez Canal a while back? I’m gonna guess it was a late night of walking dead mixed with a large dose of what-is-this-crazy-language-everyone-is-speaking.

Luckily for us someone on shore took out their camera and caught the result:

The German-flagged MV Colombo Express and the Singaporean-flagged MV Maersk Tanjong collided at the mouth of the canal, knocking three containers from the Colombo Express into the sea, the sources said.

Hit the jump for the video.

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    • Brian on December 2, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    What are literally the odds of two giant freighters in an empty ocean somehow managing to crash into each other? It’s an anomaly to watch play out.

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