Your Parents Must be Proud: Kurt Coleman, the World’s Vainest Boy

Kurt-Coleman_2886824bWhen most sane people are described as narcissistic they usually take offense. Some people though, they thank the haters and then go home and look up narcissism, then they direct message the hatter on twitter to thank them for the comparison to an ancient Greek beauty.

Kurt Coleman is one of these people. And that’s hilarious.

Kurt has compared his pictures to the perfection of a lunar eclipse…

“I’m hot and I love myself,” Kurt said. “People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I’ll never change for anyone because I love myself.”

He also describes himself as the ‘Australian Paris Hilton’, whom he idolises [sic] because “she doesn’t care about anything, she just does what she wants”.

When asked to share the secrets of his good looks, Kurt informed Studio 10, “every week I get a spray-tan and then I wash my hair every day…I just try and look amazing every day”.

Is it just me or is every part of what I just read gross? That Paris Hilton part, HA, it’s easy not to care what people think when you don’t think at all yourself. The best part is how he lives in Australia and yet gets a spray tan every week. I was under the impression that you can’t help but be tan in Australia. The sun is up all night there.