You’re a Wizard Cake Harry

hpcake1Does anyone still like Harry Potter? I do but it seems like everyone else has moved on. Come on people, the books are still good, can’t we just forget about the failings of the films and love the books for what they are? Trophies to fill space on your bookshelf.

Well, obviously someone out there still likes Harry Potter enough to make a sweet Harry Potter themed birthday cake. The Royal Bakery made this one for someone named Lauren. That Lauren person is a lucky girl or boy with parent’s who love him or her.

I never had a cake that looked like anything growing up. I was lucky if I could request the type of cake I got. Usually it was just whatever mix there was in the closet. Sometimes I even got to bake it myself. Yep, I had a pretty magical upbringing.

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hpcake2 hpcake3