You’re Doing It Wrong: Guy Finds out he’s been Using his Deoderant Wrong Mid-Review

screen_shot_2014_07_14_at_4.30.59_pm_19s6uee-19s6uejWhen you’re planning to harp on some product to the Internet community you had better make sure you’re not using it wrong in the first place or you will be trolled into oblivion.

And that’s what’s going to happen to this poor guy. After purchasing a new brand of deodorant and being very unhappy with the switch he decides to film a video-review and post it online for the rest of the world do see his disappointment with the product.

Luckily for us he discovers half way through that he forgot to remove the protective cap from the stick before trying to apply it. How he didn’t realize before that he was just rubbing a piece of plastic on his pits every morning, I don’t know, but that’s where we are. Also luckily for us the person filming was brave enough to post the video even after being told not to.

Hit the jump for the video.