Prime Reasons for Installing Garden Decking Aberdeen

5 Reasons Why Decking Rocks!

The usefulness of garden decking is a debatable issue for many house owners, as some may think it to be a waste of money and energy. However, they should be reminded about several advantages of having a garden deck, which have contributed to the popularity of this outdoor feature. It is best to hire a competent builder for garden decking Aberdeen, made of timber or composite material. 

High durability – Normally, garden decks last for even a lifetime in many houses, depending on the daily usage of these structures. This longevity of garden decking Aberdeen is proved by the warranty of 10 – 25 years offered by reputed builders. Decks made of hardwood, like cedar or redwood are resistant to pest attack, mould growth, and severe weather conditions. Thus, these decks are expected to last longer, mainly in residential houses. 

Classy appearance – A timber deck provides a natural rustic look to the outdoor space of a house. It has a charming feel with numerous options of colours, patterns, and textures while the wood can be turned into any shape needed for a deck. Moreover, the deck builder may personalize the garden decking Aberdeen with a pattern chosen by the client, to bring an authentic effect to the outdoor decor.  

Very low maintenance – The garden decks only need occasional cleaning with mild soap, soft-bristled brush or a cloth, and lukewarm water. This thorough wash can eliminate the moulds, moss, and stains from the deck surface, leaving a sparkling clean appearance. This simple maintenance is enough for restoring the original state of a garden deck. 

Low-cost structure – Usually, timber or composite decks are available in the local market for an affordable price. Composite decks are cheaper than timber ones, as the composite material is a mixture of wood and plastic. Thus, the installation of a garden decking Aberdeen is considered as an affordable investment by the house owner, as it will expectedly increase the property value in the local real estate market.

Simple installation process – The installation of a garden deck is an easy procedure and the timber or composite planks are just fixed together with screws, nuts, and bolts. So many house owners are tempted to install a deck as a DIY project. However, it will not have the elegance that can be provided only by a professional carpenter. Since the installation of a deck takes very little time, house owners can be freed from related hassles very quickly. 

Therefore, garden decking Aberdeen is becoming more popular among many homeowners, due to the expertise of the local builders.  

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