4 Simple Tips for Maintaining Silky Smooth Skin

If you’re dreading winter and the dry skin that comes with it, you’re not alone. Itchy, flaking skin is a major complaint and one you want to avoid. Here are four simple tips to put to work right now that will keep you ahead of the year’s most drying season.

Inspect Your Shower

If you live in an area with hard water, take a good look at your shower. If you see deposits or hard water droplets, you’ll know your shower isn’t rinsing soap residue from your skin and hair the way it should. Instead, it leaves a build-up that can make your skin dry. This problem can be easily remedied by water softener companies Akron and will completely change the way your skin and hair feels and looks. 

Moisturize Like Crazy

Make it a priority to moisturize your skin each day. In the shower, avoid using scalding hot water that can sap your skin of natural oils. Wash with warm water and use a body wash with a moisturizer such as shea butter. Use your favorite cream as soon as you dry off to lock in moisture and keep you smelling great.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your skin is your largest organ. Take care of it by eating a well-rounded diet including healthy fats from fish, nuts, avocados and olive oil as well as vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Not only will your skin be softer, but your entire body will benefit.

Drink Enough Water

During the winter, the air is dry due to the lack of humidity. Combat this by drinking plenty of water. This can be a real challenge, so try adding sugar-free flavoring or some lemon to make it more appetizing. Your skin will thank you later. 

Enjoy Your Skin’s Glow

Maintaining softer skin doesn’t have to be difficult. Making a few minor adjustments in your home and with your diet are all it takes to achieve silky skin and a healthy glow.


Infographic Provided by American Residential Services

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