5 Delightful Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Many homeowners dream of redesigning their kitchen to make the cooking space they have always desired. While finally making this dream a reality can be an exciting opportunity, it can also be overwhelming to design a new kitchen from the ground up and select all-new fixtures and appliances. 

One of the most significant decisions you will need to make as you plan your kitchen redesign is what type of countertops you want. The pattern, style, and color of your countertops can end up affecting the design of the rest of your kitchen, and you must choose your countertops early on in the remodeling process to ensure that everything else you pick goes well with your countertops. 

Granite has been the most popular kitchen countertop material amongst homeowners for many years due to the operational beauty it brings to any space. However, you are not alone if you are uncertain where to start when selecting new kitchen counters with different options to choose from. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, or you are just considering updating your countertops, here is a glance at just a few of the benefits of choosing granite.

It’s Super Durable

Many homeowners use their countertops for prepping and cooking foods in the kitchen. Some even have places where family members can sit to relish their meals. All the activity with the countertops calls for a durable material. Granite stone is a long-lasting material that can endure a lifetime, if not longer. It needs sealing, but it can resist scratches, stains, and burns forever once done. The beauty of the granite remains intact for as long as the homeowner chooses to maintain it properly.

It’s Unmatched Beauty

Speaking of beauty, there’s nothing like granite countertops. Granite comes with unique veins, specks, and colors that you can only see in nature. Not engineered quartz can compete, which looks like granite, but it isn’t. This makes each stone slab unique, like a fingerprint for your kitchen design. But you just get that with natural stones like granite and marble.

Large Variety of Design Choices

When you’re designing the look of your kitchen or bathroom, you want an exact color palette. You have various grays, blacks, whites, roses, browns, and so on to choose from. You can get this with the extensive color options, and designs granite comes in.

Low Maintenance Option

Granite stone is much easier to care for when it’s professionally sealed. It will help avoid stains, scratches, and even bacteria growth when done perfectly. Pores are found on the surface of granite in its natural state.

The daily care for granite kitchen countertops is rather simple. All you need is lukewarm water, a mild soap, and a non-abrasive rag to wipe it down each day. Sealing it shields the pores, so stains and bacteria can’t set in and cause problems.

It Lasts for Many Years

The test of the span is another area where granite excels. As a natural stone, which has been around for several years, it makes sense that it would endure a lifetime, if not more. This is why homeowners are installing it into their kitchens. Once you install granite into your home, it will stay a very long time. And this brings us to the next advantage of granite countertops.

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