Bathroom renovations Rockhampton, Consider a Kid Appeal Option

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Are you considering bathroom renovations in Rockhampton? If yes, in the upcoming renovations, you can install the best working features. If you have younger children, planning a practical and safe bathroom offers your kid the desired kid appeal. Also, remember children grow up fast, so keep it flexible to accommodate their stages and ages. Here are a few child-friendly ideas:

Make it accessible

Kids love the bathroom. Especially, young children love doing things independently. They are more enthusiastic and try to reach the facilities. However, for your kid’s bathroom, consider the bathroom renovations in Rockhampton that offer a classic solution. Let the countertops be at 32”, it is high for your children, but you can provide a sturdy stepstool. It will ensure they do their work.

Plan plumbing

Installing bathroom fixtures as child-friendly is crucial when you are considering bathroom renovations in Rockhampton. Consider installing a sink undermount so that there is no issue of pools of water on the countertop. Install a handheld shower as it is the right combination of work and fun. Your juniors are sure to make the job easy for the caregiver, as well. The shampooing day will go smooth.

Fun colors

A bathroom renovation for your junior can have a pleasant neutral color. It helps when you plan to sell in the future. However, ask your kids their favorite colors and give smart touches. Paint walls, if available giving cheerful backsplash such as beachy aqua that will be gender neutral. Rev up their bath time without missing your junior’s favorite colors.


Do you want bathroom renovations Rockhampton to focus on neatness? Remember, it is your junior’s area, so make it a point to have storage facilities offering easy-to-reach places for accessories such as rubber duckies. Hang tiered towel racks such that they can reach the lower rack dedicated for them. You can add in bubble bath essentials such that it is positioned conveniently.

Prioritize safetyYour children must be safe. Take care to protect their delicate skin by offering a hands-free faucet, anti-scald shower, and a preset safe water temperature. You may install grab bars for safety next to the bath and the toilet. Ensure there are no electrical outlets to access. Also, store hazardous bathroom products and cleaners in a locked cupboard at high levels. A must-have is a toilet lock, if you have a toddler, such that you can access it from outside at all times. Kids are kids, so while considering bathroom renovations in Rockhampton, it should be kid-friendly.

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