Five Of The Most Popular Property Features Of 2022

Property trends are always in constant flux and, over the past couple of years, they have undergone a drastic change. Homeowners have begun to widely change their priorities and preferences, leading interior designers and estate agents to reevaluate their services.

Some changes have been especially drastic, perhaps most significantly seen in the decentralisation of urban areas, with families and individuals seeking more rural properties. There has, for many of the same reasons, been wide demand for garden spaces, with many considering an outdoor space to be an essential feature of a property.

While certain aspects, such as the location of a home, aren’t easily changed, there are a number of features that can be purchased, installed, and added. Here are five of the most popular for 2022.

Natural Lighting

While there are a number of interesting ways to illuminate a home, few are as restoring as natural light. In recent years, as many residents have experienced various degrees of lockdown, a connection with nature has been incredibly important, and this has changed the way people see their homes. Larger windows and of greater number are a new preference and they should bring as much natural light into a living space as possible.

Wood-Burning Stoves

Despite the government imposing restrictions on types of wood, specifically green wood, being burned within homes, stoves have seen huge demand. This is largely because of recent increases in energy costs that have spurred homeowners to seek out more sustainable and affordable ways of heating their property.

Log Cabins

Having one’s own room, one that is not limited to a living space, has become a widely celebrated idea, to the extent that log cabins are now appearing in gardens across the country. Whether utilised as a professional office space, yoga studio, or simply as a guest house, these free-standing outbuildings are enabling property owners to create their own essential addition to their home.

Digital Interface

Homes now have the ability to interface with our mobile devices and voices. Lights can adjust to our presence, locks can be activated remotely, and boilers can be activated with a vocal command. To access these luxuries, however, requires a network of smart devices. The desire for such devices is now changing the way we view home design too, with a greater emphasis being placed upon the future-proofing interior design to accommodate for smart home features.

Spacious Dining

In the wake of health concerns, a greater number of people have been socialising at home. As such, a greater emphasis has been placed upon shared spaces and dining areas. This means that, if you haven’t made the room to host others, you’re reducing the amount of socialising you can enjoy.

While a social home can take many forms, it is a spacious dining area that is set to become most popular. Large tables in well-lit spaces, especially those in open-plan rooms, are ideal and can accommodate groups not only for eating but also for drinking and playing games too.

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