Guide to Buying Garden Tents

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Garden tents are the ideal complement to enjoy a calm afternoon outdoors. However, when buying this accessory, we are often invaded by doubts: where can I buy cheap tents? What American tent models are the best? What aspects do I have to take into account?

To answer all these questions, we have designed this complete garden tent buying guide. When buying a garden tent, we have to take into account that there are different types:

1. Metal Garden Tents

They have metal structures covered by an awning or sliding roof, and that can also incorporate curtains, mosquito nets or blinds.

2. Wooden Garden Tents

Similarly, they are garden tents that are produced with this material to achieve a more classic and rustic style.

3. Fixed Garden Tents

Some metal garden tents are fixed; that is, they install and stay in the same place indefinitely. Normally, the awning is the only thing that can be removed while the metal frame remains.

4. Folding Garden Tents

Thanks to their special features, they can be collected and stored at the end of the season or in a case of an event.

Likewise, we must pay attention to various aspects such as the space we want to cover, since depending on it we must choose a bigger or smaller cheap garden tent, as well as the use that we are going to give it.

What Garden Tent to Choose?

When thinking about which garden tent to choose, we have to assess two essential aspects:

1. The Space Available

A garden tent that is too small will make us waste the garden area outside its shelter, while a very large one cannot be installed within the area we had planned. Hence, it is essential to measure correctly the space we have.

2. The Use

It is not the same to choose a garden tent to use it occasionally when we want to escape the sun, then one whose purpose is to provide shade during events.

Why Not Buy Second-Hand Tents?

It is not advisable to buy second-hand garden tents as they are worn out, causing them to deteriorate more easily completely. This makes it more profitable in the long run to buy a new tent since we will be able to use it for a longer period. Moreover, the price difference between the two is not very high if we choose to buy the tent on online sales platforms.

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