How Does The Largest House In The World Look Like?

How much space to a family of five needs to live? Unbelievable but true, India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani and his family live in a 400,000 square feet 27-story skyscraper called ‘Antilia’ which is considered to be the largest house in the world. It is one of the most expensive houses in the world as well and required about $2 billion to construct. 

This house was designed by the Chicago-based architectural firm Perkins and Will. The Australian construction company Leighton Holdings took the pride in making the biggest house in the world.

A quick peek inside the house

Just like the size, the design of the house will also leave you speechless. The ceilings of each of the 27 floors are extra tall. If the ceilings were of the standard height, then the building would have been 60-story high. On the roof, there are three helipads and the entire top floor is used for air traffic management. There are floors entirely for the guests. You will be shocked to know that 600 staffs work to maintain this house every day. So, the floor is entirely reserved for maintenance purposes. 

There are swimming pools and a spa and a 50-seat cinema. The outdoor gardens provide the perfect place for getting some fresh air and relaxing. So, who wants to go out to the cinema or other recreation when you can find everything inside the house?

Can you guess how many cars can be parked in this house? The parking area comprises of 6 floors where 200 cards can fit in. Looking at the huge guest apartment space and the parking lot we can assume that Mukesh Ambani can host big parties in his house, without the need to book any special venue.

The engineering aspect of the house

It’s not only the huge size and luxury of the house that will impress you but the engineering aspects of the house as well. This house has been designed to withstand an earthquake of intensity up to 8.0. So, even if all the surrounding properties collapse, Antilia will still stand upright in case of a severe earthquake. So, you can call it one of the safest houses in the world too in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake. Outdoor gardens and passive ventilation are used to conserve energy. There is also a huge ‘ice room’ that keeps the entire house cool even in summer.

Everything about Antilia is unique and magnificent. From the architecture and engineering to the functional aspects of the house, everything will impress you. The design and engineering aspects of the house are surely worth praising. Many people are eager to have a look inside the house to get an idea about the ultimate luxurious lifestyle of a multi-billionaire. The expense of maintaining such a big house is undoubtedly very expensive, but who cares! After all, Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian, and nothing seems to be too expensive for him. He is living like a king in the largest house in the world.  

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