How to Remove Reviews from Facebook

The impact of social media on your business

Social media has made a splash in the 21st century and has revolutionized the way businesses connect and market with their customers. When it comes to social media, the most used and talked about the tool is Facebook. Facebook has been around for over 10 years and almost everyone now uses Facebook. It started out as a way to connect with family and friends but as it revolutionized, business owners saw this as an opportunity to connect with their customers on a more personal level. Business owners, small and large, have been setting up their home pages with their business and leaving areas for their customers to comment or support their company. What happens when someone leaves a negative review on their Facebook page?

How to come back from a negative review

When someone is unhappy with a business, a lot of times they want the company to know and their customers. Most people now leave a bad review on or Facebook, directly on the business home page for everyone to see. How to remove a negative review on Facebook all depends on how the page owner handles the situation. Some owners go the apologetic route, publicly apologizing for the customer’s bad experience and hoping that they can show the rest of their customers that they are 100% there for them and to serve them the best way they can. Other owners have gone the route of ignoring the negative review and posting a positive comment trying to divert away from the negative. A small percentage of companies resort to humor by trying to win over other customers that may not have went to their business yet but are using the only social media platform as a way to decide if they will use them in the future.

Positive Facebook reactions

The best way to get past a negative Facebook review is to simply get positive feedback on your wall. Reach out to satisfied customers and ask them to leave a positive review of their experience and hope that it catches the eye of other people who have used their business before. A lot of people decide if they will use a new business based off of reviews. It may be near impossible to please everyone and there will always be bad and negative feedback from individuals but it is important not to dwell on the negative and to focus on the positive. Reacting to negative feedback and going back and forth with people trying to disprove them may come off as a bit immature and deter and turn off people from using your business. Remember that social media is very influential in people these days. It is backed by real-life people putting their opinions on a site letting others know who may not have experienced this business on their own, what they think and feel.

Don’t take it personally

Most importantly, do not take anything on social media and Facebook personal. Everyone likes to talk freely behind their keyboard because it makes them feel safe. They can say what they want without worrying about someone getting in their face and arguing back. Some people are even paid to leave negative reviews to hurt competitors business and help boost theirs. Don’t dwell on it too much and just move forward with positive remarks and always keep true to your business.

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