How You Can Make Use of the Right Sewing Machine


Choosing an embroidery machine is important, not only from a technical point of view, but also because it is a considerable investment. You don’t know how to choose? These tips will help you buy the right embroidery machine. In my opinion, any great expense deserves research and that, whatever your budget. After all, how many embroidery machines would you buy in your life? Here are the factors to consider before choosing an embroidery machine.

Which Brand Is The Best?

For the most part, the brands are of good quality. Each embroiderer you question will have their own opinion on the best machine. So how do you know which one to choose? The ideal is to give it a try with each brand, because each has its own style of use. You can be more comfortable with a certain way of doing things and another embroiderer just the opposite. Using the sewing monogram machine is essential there.

Visit your reseller or manufacturers’ site to get an idea of ​​customer satisfaction with the brand. And the more documentation the manufacturer offers, the greater the chance that you will find answers to your questions.

The bonus in buying a machine is having a good dealer. Find an enthusiastic reseller who excels in customer service and you’re likely to be happy with your purchase.

How Do You Plan To Use The Machine?

Is it for domestic or commercial use? Commercial embroidery is best done on professional machines which are designed specifically for mass production and continuous operating hours.

The range of family machines is very, very wide. The range of commercial machines is more limited: your choice should revolve around only 3 machines

Do You Have Minimum Requirements On Your List?

Certain functions are essential to your sewing and embroidery needs, such as automatic thread cutting, embroidery surface, color or black and white screen, speed, etc. You absolutely must know all your needs before making your choice.

Define your needs before going to see your reseller: with the right information, he can demonstrate the models that meet your expectations.

Only Embroiderer Or Embroidery + Sewing?

If this is the case, you can use the machine for sewing in addition to embroidery.

You should also think about whether you have room for 1 machine or 2 machines at home? But also, decide if it is penalizing or not to not be able to use the sewing mode during embroidery.

  • Usage: What work will you do? 
  • With what type of fabric and what thickness? 
  • What will be the point used?

Experience: You are a beginner or, on the contrary, sewing has no more secrets for you.

Characteristics: mechanical or electronic, technical characteristics, robustness of the motor, and of the mechanics, speed, ease of use,.

Budget: Price is often a decisive factor in the choice of a machine, but it should not be at the expense of product quality.

Or buy?: Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to compare the different offers. But have you thought about the services and advice (before, during and after the sale) that accompany your machine?


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