Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

30 Insanely Clever Gardening Tricks

Do you own a garden and dying to do Gardening services by yourself? Looking for insanely clever tips and ideas for a blooming and blossoming garden? Just stick to the article as we are going to facilitate you to the maximum possible extent below;

Protecting Your Plants Against Cold Weather Wasn’t This Easier:

Do you want to ensure your plant’s survival in the winter? This is where Burlap can do the trick. This, when placed around exposed and delicate shrubbery branches, barricades amazingly against cold weather.  It works by insulating while still permitting ventilation.

Managing Invasive Plants Wasn’t This Simpler:

Find it hard to manage those invasive plants? You can stop them from overgrowing and taking over your garden. To fulfill this purpose, take a plastic pot and cut off its bottom. The next step involves burying it in the ground. Doing so will limit the root system growth.

Creating Potting Mixture Wasn’t This Cooler:

Don’t want to spend your money on the potting mix? Then, why spending when you can make your bespoke potting mixture at home? Here, all you need is having the know-how of what type of nutrients do your seeds require. In addition to altering the mixture, you can also alter pH levels to ensure plants’ hearty growth. Here’s an example which is more suitable for large plants;


  • Compost-one part
  • Fine pine bark-one part
  • Sand-one part
  • Lime (two tbsp. per five-gallon bucket)
  • Fertilizer

Procedure:You can apply a 10-10-10 concentration with slow-release fertilizer at nearly a half cup per five-gallon bucket.

Deeper Root Watering Wasn’t This Smarter:

Certain plants such as squash get deeper into the soil of the ground as the roots mature. For that reason, it becomes harder for the water to reach those roots in dry climatic conditions.

Looking for a hassle-free and more in-depth root watering system? Grab an empty sink pot having holes and place it in your garden’s middle. It will work as a well, which will ensure that the water reaches deeper to the roots where it is required the most. So, you could easily and deeply water your plants in this way.

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