Listen to your home furnace for these big noises

A noisy home furnace is a faulty one. While the new home furnaces are usually silent, the old ones tend to tell you a lot with the noises they make. Here are some examples of noises a furnace can make, and what are the issues associated with those sounds.

Sudden change in normal furnace sound – The normal sound of the furnace is contributed by the normal running of the home furnace, such as air moving through the ducts or condenser unit buzzing. When you hear a mild change in this behaviour, it could be due to:

  • Corrosion or cracks in the drain pan
  • Wear and tear in air ducts
  • The splintering of the rubber
  • Saturation of air filters
  • Frozen evaporator coils, etc.

When you hear any sound that is not the normal sound of your furnace, switch it off and call your preferred furnace repair in Hinsdale immediately.

Screeching Noise – When the metal pieces rub against each other, they produce a screeching noise. Usually, when the old parts come undone, they tend to rub against other parts of the furnace and produce screeching noise. There’s a high probability that when a furnace makes screeching noise, it is because of a problem in the blower motor. In this case, the furnace will need repair or blower motor replacement if the damage is irreparable.

Banging Noise – The screws, bolts, and nuts come undone and make a banging noise by clapping against the apparatus. Depending on the severity of noise, different repair services might be needed.

Wheezing Noise – A dirty air filter results in wheezing noise coming from the furnace as it creates resistance limiting the air passing through it. Replacing the air filter every few months will help avoid such noises.

Whining Noise – When the older parts expand or lack proper maintenance, they tend to create whining noise. A loose blower belt, damaged motor, or a troubled shaft bearing could be a reason.

Operating the home furnace in any of the above-mentioned conditions is risky as it might lead to more damage and might also pose safety risks. United Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling provides the best furnace repair in Hinsdale and also extend regular maintenance support for your home furnaces.

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