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Pilkington glass was once the leading glass manufacturer in United Kingdom,acquired by NSG(Nippen sheet Glass Co.,Ltd) in 2006,NSG now has manufacturing facilities in 28 countries covering 28K employers and sell products to over 100 countries,annual turnover USD5.7 billion.In China,Pilkington also had joint venture company with Shanghai Yaohua Group named Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass which is also one of the largest glass groups in China.

Pilkington mission is to be the global leader in innovative high performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically.

Pilkington offer variety coating products for global users,especially in Europe which contribute 40% of total sales,the main coating series of Pilkington group include:

  • Pyrolytic glass: Energy Advantage and Eclipse products.
  • Pilkington Optitherm series:Optitherm S1A and Optitherm S3
  • Pilkington Suncool Series:Double silver low-E coatings
  • Pilkinton Suncool Q series:High performance triple silver low-E coatings with high LSG ratio.

Here we introduce the Pilkington high performance low-E coated insulated glass performance ,and recommend our matched coatings:

  • Pyrolytic glass: Energy Advantage and Eclipse products,Solar-E

On-line Low-E glass is a functional film with low radiation performance on the surface of the glass ribbon on the float line by chemical vapor deposition and special materials on the float glass production line.This process produces a coating which is extremely durable and will not scratch or degrade over time.

Pilkington is the main pyrolytic coatings worldwide,products including:Energy Advantage,Solar-E,Eclipse Advantage.

As pyrolytic lowe products is most popular in Southeast Asian areas which make it monolithic tempered or ,laminated glass with body tinted glass to increasing thermal insulation performance while keeping overall low windows&doors costs.Because insulated glass will require thicker and bigger frames,no matter UPVC windows or Aluminium ones,most China glass manufacturers don’t produce hard coated low-E,below chart shows the available pyrolytic low-E coating options in China.

More details: Hard Coated Low-E options in China

  • Pilkington Optitherm series:Optitherm S1A and Optitherm S3

The Pilkington Optitherm™ Range are high performance, off-line coated low-e glass products,  They are optimized for thermal insulation having ultra low Ug values and are super neutral in colour.Glass applications are glass conservatories to get most solar while keeping extremely low U value.Including K glass N(actually insulated glass with Energy Advantage), Optitherm S3 and Optitherm S1A.

Morn Matched glass coatings are MJE1.1 and MJE1.16.Learn More:W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

  • Pilkington Suncool Series:Double silver low-E coatings

The high selectivity (light-to-heat ratio) of Pilkington Suncool™, combined with the highest level of thermal insulation reduces the need for cooling and heating systems in your building, lowering running costs and helping to make your building ‘green’.The series including Suncool, Suncool OW (Ultra clear substrate),and Suncool Pro-T (temperable coating).

Glass performance compare with China low-E coated glass can be found in below tables:

  • Pilkinton Suncool Q series:High performance triple silver low-E coatings with high LSG ratio.

Suncool Q is now the world leading off-line low-E coating products that is equivalent to Solarban 60,90, with up to 2.2 LSG ratio,the difference is,Pilkington offered 3 options with light transmittance 50%,60%,70% while most factories offer only 50% and 70%.

1.Triple silver LOW-e IGU has higher transparency and low-E solar shading coefficiency.Based on same light transmittance,triple silver low-E has 15% lower SC than double silver,which is 15% better than single ones.

2.Thermal insulation.Based on same light transmittance,the far infaraed transmittance of triple is 3%,double is 11% and single is 31%.

3.Triple silver low-E has the best cost economy.The costs used by air conditioners for buildings using triple silver low-E is only half of double silver low-E and 30% of single silver low-E.


Working With China top low-E coating manufacturers-Jinjing Group,XYG,TG, Morn now is able to supply low-E coated insulated glass that can replace the world famous coatings,with much lower costs and equivalent quality&excellent service,we’re confident that our joining will help finishing your great building with costs saving and happy work.

Kindly contact us if any insulated glass are required.

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