Meet the different types of office chairs

Today we can find many types of office chairs in the market. The truth is that in recent years the effects of globalization, internet and new consumption patterns have radically changed the classic conception of a product.

Today the image, style and design according to fashion and trends is what determines the commercial success or failure. Of course, this is not incompatible with the comfort and quality that is intrinsically expected from good office chairs .

The new habits, lifestyles, and above all, the new professions and the profound socio-economic transformation of the last decades have also had a great influence on the evolution of office chairs and the different types that exist. The appearance of computers and other devices encouraged research on a new type of chairs adapted to be used for a long time sitting in front of a computer: ergonomic chairs .

Precisely the history of the ergonomic chair is what leads us to the present, writing this entry about the types of office chairs. The range of products is very wide, with many models, designs, shapes and materials, but do not worry, if you are thinking about renewing your chair this post will be of great help, will you miss it? We start!

One of the main types of office chairs: ergonomic chairs

How could it be otherwise, ergonomic chairs top the list of different types of office chairs. Your secret? They are the most comfortable models and in which it is more common to find more sophisticated design exercises, care and sometimes risky. It has more designs than Metal cafe chairs(เก้าอี้ เหล็ก ร้าน กาแฟ which is the term in Thai)and that’s why it it’s more expensive.

The comfort they offer is achieved through the combination of three key elements: shapes or modeling, adjustments and materials.


The anatomical molding of seat, backrest and other elements is studied in detail so that the chair feels like a real glove. If you look you can see how they are almost like molds, so that the back, legs and arms are perfectly supported and our posture is the optimum to work for hours with comfort and safety.

The more adjustments and regulations this type of office chairs have, the easier it will be to achieve the ideal posture. Many ask us what is the best chair we have for sale. The HADES model , one of the latest additions incorporates the latest German technology, with a design almost taken out of space. Another of the novelties of 2017 would be the BACO with a spectacular design and with the most advanced materials, such as its breathable microfiber fabric.

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