Rubber Floors Pros and cons

Floorings are always one of the centers of attraction for everyone. No matter how pretty a room is decorated, floors complete the look. A lavish room without a decent floor may look like a mere decoration store but not someone’s house or private area. That’s why people are conscious before choosing floors for their home. Thanks to the technology and techniques – you may find abundant choices regarding floors in the market. You may go for all-time favorite wooden floors or new popular options like rubber or vinyl floors. You might decorate your room with adorable carpets or rugs, or you may go with creative carpet tiles. Not only this, but you can also go for different floors in different places according to your need or decoration theme.

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Rubber Flooring is a modern type of flooring which is also getting more and more popular these days. Reasons are many like its durable and efficient material. Rubber floors are convenient, comfortable, water-resistant, slip-resistant, environmentally friendly and much more. The benefits never end; that’s why buyers are going for it more and more. Though few people install rubber floors at home, it is quite a great choice among commercial buyers. You may find rubber floors in children playgrounds, sports grounds or in school.

Like all other things, the Rubber floor has its share of perks and drawbacks. I have listed below some of the main pros and cons of rubber floor for buyer’s convenience.


  • Durability: Durability of rubber floor is one of the prominent benefits, Rubber floors are not easily damaged and ensure your longevity. You may not install floorings daily; it’s a one-time investment of life. So sustainability is always the first thing in a list while buying any flooring.
  • Water Resistant: The other unique factor of rubber floor is its water-resistant ability. Almost all the rubber floors which we manufacture are water-resistant – and some of the types are made in a way that makes the best option for wet weather.
  • Easy Maintenance: Rubber floors are low in maintenance and easy to clean. You can wipe off spills and clean the surface through vacuum or broom. Not only this rubber is resistant to heat and moisturize that keeps it new and damage-free for a long time.
  • Style and textures: Rubber Floors are available in different sizes, colors, styles and patterns. That’s one of the reasons it is an outstanding choice for children’s playgrounds. You can always select between bright colors and unique designs.
  • Safe ground: Talking about playing children and not talking about their safety is not possible. Rubber floors give you anti-slip features along with firm and soft ground. That means first there are fewer chances of tripping and falling, and in case they do there are fewer chances to get into major accidents.
  • Recyclable and eco-Friendly choice: Rubber floors are made of synthetic or natural rubber, and both have the quality of recycling. Also, due to natural material, it has become a priority of many eco-friendly people.
  • Anti Allergic properties: Rubber floors are natural, and they don’t let any allergic ingredient or dust stay on its surface; that’s why it is the right choice for people who are prone to allergies.
  • Easy Installation: Installation at fingertips makes the rubber floor more convenient and favorite choice of all. You can go for eco-friendly adhesive or interlock rubber tiles that stick to the ground firmly. You may not need staff to hire for its installation.


  • Rubber floors might look dull; many people find it unattractive due to its dullness. That’s why it is not a popular choice for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways.
  • Grease stains: Greasy stains are hard to remove from grease stains
  • Irritating odor: Rubber floors carry a smell of rubber that might last long, which might be disturbing for many people. Those looking for odor-free options never go for rubber floors as an option.


Although it has its drawbacks, you can observe that its benefits have out-numbered those cons. If you are going to evaluate the pros and cons of rubber floors you may find that disadvantages can be ignored and its odor never lessens its benefits at your place.

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