Steps for a New Home Construction Purchase

Homebuyers who want to achieve the dream of owning their dream home start with a new construction. The opportunity allows them to choose the exact location of the new property and the floor plan for the home design. Reviewing the steps for new construction purchase shows the buyer what they can expect moving forward.

Get a Preapproval for a Mortgage and Establish A Budget

Getting a preapproval for a mortgage shows the borrower exactly how much is available to them through a mortgage. Borrowers consider all their monthly obligations and determine what loan amount is most affordable for them. When establishing a budget for a new construction, the borrower must consider the cost of the land and the home. In addition to these expenses, the borrower will pay for insurance, too. Comparing the costs helps the borrower identify the most affordable loan amount for them.

Choose the Right Lot

When choosing a lot for a residential property, the buyer must consider any restrictions that could apply. If the lot is located in a subdivision, homeowner’s association rules apply to the construction and any exterior installations. Some buyers will need to get approval from the homeowner’s association to build fences or retaining walls around their property. It is wise to review all the homeowner’s association rules and bylaws before committing to the lot. This gives the buyer a chance to reconsider if the rules are too restrictive for their lifestyle. Homebuyers who are reviewing these options should learn more about Dustin Dimisa now.

Examine and Customize A Floor Plan

Examing and customizing a floor plan helps the homebuyer get their dream home. Contractors offer a variety of floor plans and architectural designs that meet the needs of buyers. The buyer also has the option to hire an architect to design their home if they prefer. If the property lot is located in a subdivision, the homebuyer must choose from the selected floor plans approved by the homeowner’s association. In a subdivision, some interior customization is possible, but there are some restrictions that will apply to the overall design.

Purchasing Insurance According to the Mortgage Contract Terms

Purchasing insurance according to the mortgage contract terms protects the property properly. The standard requirement for a residential property is homeowner’s insurance to protect the home. However, some lenders require borrowers to pay for mortgage insurance until they have accumulated at least 15% equity in the home. If the property is situated inside a designated flood zone, the buyer must purchase flood insurance to provide more comprehensive coverage for the property. The lender will provide details about the property when the flood report is available to the lender. The borrower must purchase insurance coverage before the property closing.

Homebuyers who want to buy their dream home can start from scratch with a new construction. When financing the home, the borrower chooses the lot first, and the cost of the home design is added once all decisions are made. Homebuyers who want to learn more about buying a new construction can contact a lender right now.

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