Storm Damage: What an Emergency Restoration Service Lakeland Florida Will Do For You

Storms can take on many forms. There’s the potential for tropical storms to move through the area and cause a lot of wind damage. Flooding may lead to all sorts of property damage. Even a strong hailstorm can destroy more than most people realize. If a storm does take place, how will you get things back to normal? In many cases, calling an emergency restoration service Lakeland Florida is the first step. Here are some of the ways that a restoration team will help.

Clearing the Landscape

Uprooted trees, broken limbs and branches, and debris brought onto the property during a storm makes it difficult to determine how much damage was done to the buildings. One of the first orders of business is to clear the landscape of anything that poses a danger. Depending on the nature of the storm, that may include wildlife that has ended up on the property. Once the landscape is clear, it will be easier to move on to the next phase of the restoration. 

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Conducting an Inspection to Determine the Extent of Structural Damage

Some of the home’s damage will be obvious. There may also be damage that the untrained eye will not notice. A team from the restoration service will know how to check for damage to the home’s frame, the roof, and even the foundation. Making note of any structural damage ensures that the right approaches are used to get the place back to a point where it’s safe to live there. 

Taking Care of Wiring or Plumbing Issues

During the inspection, a lot of attention is given to the electrical wiring and the plumbing. Signs that the storm damaged these systems in any way leads to making repairs. That may be getting rid of broken pipes or replacing wiring that supplies electrical current to specific parts of the house. As with many other aspects of the restoration, professional inspectors will assess the repairs and make sure they are in compliance with local codes. 

Removing Belongings That Are Beyond Repair

There’s a chance that some of your belongings and furnishings are salvageable. If so, the team from the emergency restoration service Lakeland Florida will make arrangements to repair those things. When they are too far gone to salvage, the team will ensure those belongings are removed and disposed of responsibly. 

Replacing Broken Window Glass

Broken glass is common with severe storm damage. The team will make sure that all broken window panes are replaced with glass that’s in line with current codes. Glass in doors, skylights, and other areas of the home will also be replaced. Every shard of broken glass will be retrieved so that no one in your family runs the risk of stepping on or being injured by the glass. 

While severe damage from a storm is difficult to face, the right emergency restoration team will help you recover as quickly as possible. There will likely be some adjustments in terms of replacing things that were ruined, but the good news is that your home will once again be whole, secure, and comfortable. 

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