The Best Fence Paint Colours For This Summer

Your home’s curb appeal refers to what people see when they pass by it on the street. If you have a fence at the front of your home, it can play a significant role in creating curb appeal for your property. 

You can make your garden stand out by choosing a color that contrasts with your plants. Choosing darker colors will make your home and yard appear larger since they allow the landscaping to shine. (You’ll probably want to avoid brown and green.) Colors that are lighter can draw the eye upward, which can make your yard appear smaller. (But sometimes that’s what you want!

Make sure you keep this in mind when choosing a fence color since most people want their fence to blend in with the space rather than be the focal point. Whenever you make changes to your fence, test the colors on small patches to see how they will work with your plants. After learning what to consider, let’s explore some of the most popular fence paint colours to consider this summer.


Even though it might seem intense, a black fence functions as a neutral. Black has a bit more edge than lighter tones, so it’s ideal for creating a more modern feel in your yard. Black gives your plants and foliage a sense of contrast, which is one of the reasons why it is such a great option. The colors and textures will really stand out against a black background.


You can add a pop of color to your yard with a blue fence. When your home is already painted in neutral shades such as gray, white, beige, or softer colors, this technique works well. This technique adds some visual contrast and really makes your home stand out.


Gray is a classic neutral that works with any style of home. Colors in this family work well with everything from modern picket fences to edgy modern fences. One of the best things about gray is that it can be painted, or stained. Stains allow you to see the natural wood grain while also adding some color, while paints give a solid color and do not show off the wood grain.

Natural wood stain

You can opt for a stain rather than paint to show off the wood’s natural beauty. In addition to clear and dark brown stains, stain comes in many other colors as well. For homes with a rustic or natural look, this is a great choice.


For homes with a more traditional style, white is a great option. A white picket fence is often pictured as the perfect image of a home. It is the epitome of classic curb appeal. Homes with white trim as an exterior accent are the perfect candidates for white siding, as it creates a cohesive look. The color of white is ideal for gardens containing brightly colored flowers and plants, since it really brings out their vibrant colors.

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