The Use for Perfect Rooms for Rent in Brussels

Trade in large family homes has frozen due to the recession. At the same time, many apartments for rent own too big aroom, the children have moved out and there is no need for all the rooms anymore. Some have begun to make new money in their homes. They rent rooms or entire rooms to travelers. There is no obstacle to leasing, unless the articles of association provide otherwise.

Water fee based on average occupancy

Usually, the housing company has decided the number of keys per room. However, residents have the right to order the keys according to their needs. The door code is also freely divisible.

  • The housing association keeps a record of the keys. Newer mechanical and electronic keys can only be obtained through the property manager, but even so, the housing company cannot limit their number.
  • If the room has a water meter, billing is based on consumption. Even if the fee is based on the number of inhabitants, water is hardly wasted.

In the case of regular, long-term room rentals, for example a few days a week, it is good to agree with the hosting company to pay a water fee, for example, based on the average number of users. When it comes to Morton Place, you can get more info  for the same now.

Movable damage is compensated by the person who caused it

In the event of an overnight stay causing damage to the room, such as a trip on the television and damage to the television, compensation may be sought from the person who caused the damage. It would be desirable for this to have home insurance.

If the damage is to the structures, compensation is sought from the housing company’s property insurance.

Renter, note these:

Tell your tenants the rules of the house, such as times of silence and carpet tapping practices. Tourists usually clean on the day of departure.

Earned income must be reported to the tax authorities as capital income. The result may reduce operating expenses.

If the accommodation involves a significant number of other services, such as laundry and breakfast serving, the taxpayer may consider the income from it partly to be income. If such activities are continuous and large-scale, they may be considered as business activities.

If the income from the accommodation exceeds € 8,500 per year with other activities subject to VAT, you must register for VAT.

Are you renting or buying a new investment property? We added a rent calculator to, which allows you to estimate the rent level of the room and also the rental income. The calculator is based on the rental announcements of the room rentals, i.e. the rent for the rooms.

Today, we update the Calculator of Rent Calculator monthly. Come and see what the revised counter gives you today’s rent.

The rental counter

Are you thinking about renting your room? You can test the rental counter even from your own sofa!

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