Tips For Using Coach Bolts For Timber Applications

Coach bolts, sometimes referred to as carriage bolts, are used to secure two pieces of wood together. They are a type of bolt with a square or hexagonal shank and a large smooth spherical head. It’s crucial to use the right method while installing them. If you are not sure how and you need to buy coach bolts for timber, then read on.

  1. Choose The Right Size of Bolt

There are many different sized coach bolts available to choose from. You have to make sure that you pick the one that’s appropriate for your project. When looking at your options, remember that about two-thirds the thickness of the wood you’re joining should be the diameter of the bolt to use.

  1. Pre-drill The Holes

Use a drill bit with a diameter just smaller than that of the bolt shank to pre-drill holes in the timber. This way, you can prevent the wood from splitting as you are tightening the bolts. Drill a hole that is just deep enough to fit the full length of the bolt, including the threaded portion.

  1. Insert the Bolt

Once you have created the hole, simply thread the bolt into one of those holes. Make sure that you finish it off with a washer. Coach bolts need washers to prevent the bolt head from sinking into the wood and distribute the load.  Spreading the weight out like this will keep the bolt head from boring into the wood. Then attach a nut to the bolt’s end and turn it clockwise by hand.

  1. Use a Spanner

After you’ve tightened the nut, you can finish the project with a spanner. Use coach nuts made of brass or stainless steel. This way it won’t rust or break down so you keep the wood’s natural look. When tightening the nut, keep the bolt’s head from turning by supporting it with another spanner. Make sure that it’s snug, but remember to not overtighten the nut. Doing so might cause the wood to break.

How to Countersink the Bolt Head

By countersinking it into the wood, the bolt head can be hidden. To do this, use a larger drill bit to make the hole for the bolt head bigger. Make sure that the hole is deep enough so that the head of the bolt is flat with the surface of the wood. This way, the head will not be that visible.

Using  Coach Bolts In Pairs for Added Support

When attaching two pieces of timber together, it is recommended that you use coach bolts in pairs. This will ensure that the joints are strong and secure. The load will also be distributed more equally across both pieces of wood.

Coach bolts are a great way to join two pieces of wood together. And if you use the right size, pre-drill the holes, use washers, and tighten the nuts, it would be a successful project. By following these tips, you can ensure that your coach nuts hold the wood together well and for a long time.

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