Types of tiles and its importance:

How can you describe a tile? A tile can be defined as a solid rectangular piece of material such as stone, metal, wooden and glass. Tiles are mostly used for walls, floors and even for tables. There are many types of tiles that are used for interior designing. If you have never made a purchase of tiles, then you would be astonished to know that there are hundreds of tiles available for different uses. As discussed before, ceramic is the most popular type of tile and used almost in every house. Different types of tiles work differently on each area so that it may sound more confusing. That’s not any type of tile can fit for every job. At last, it also depends on your budget. The flooring of your entire house or office could be very much expensive. If you have never purchased any tiles before then firstly try to take expert advice. It is also highly advisable to do some market research. Here are some of the types of tiles and their uses:

Ceramic tile as the most common option:

Ceramic tile is at the top of the list as they are the most common type of tile. They are used in almost every house. They are best known for their reliability and durability. Ceramic tiles are mostly used in offices, in bathrooms and kitchen.

Difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles:

The second most common choice is porcelain. They completely differ from ceramic and made up of stones and natural bricks. The biggest advantage of this type of tile is you don’t need heavy maintenance. Once you get them, you don’t need to do some additional effort.

Vinyl tiles and flooring:

As far as durability is concerned, vinyl flooring is the best option so far. It is the combination of classic beauty and hardwood. Vinyl tile box price [กระเบื้องยางราคากล่องละ, which is the term in Thai] is relatively less than its benefits.

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