What Is Prepaid Electricity in Texas?

Many people are hearing about prepaid electricity in Texas, but do not know exactly what it is. If you are skeptical about this new payment method, this passage is here to help you gain a firm understanding. Prepaid electricity is a simple way to be a satisfied Texas electricity client. Prepaid electricity is another way of the wording “pay as you go” payment plans. Meaning you pay for the electricity before you actually use it. This way of paying electricity is becoming immensely popular because often companies don’t have requirements like credit checks, long-term contracts, and expensive deposits into the account. No more having to go through long hassles and finding out that you aren’t even eligible for certain providers. This works similarly to prepaid debit cards, the cash that you prepay is directly transferred into powering your home. The plan is allowing you to fund your account with money, paying for the amount of electricity that you plan to use before you even use it. This is a positive example of the quote ”You get what you pay for”.

Is Pre-paid Electric For Me?

This new way of payment is providing customers more freedom and giving them a chance to think more wisely on how to use their electricity. Using prepaid electricity payment plans can save costumers money, compared to other traditional electrical companies. Clients that already have used this innovative way of paying are reporting up to 30% of savings, not in electricity but in cash. Some say it is easier to maintain since they are only paying for the electricity that they are actually using. Allowing people to avoid monthly fees and unrecognizable fees on the bill. Some prepaid electricity providers are even allowing you to get your electricity turned on the same day with as low as $25.

Texas is one of the few states in the U.S that has deregulation of electricity. Meaning, the distribution, and production of energy are in the hands of different companies. So there is a number of companies that can provide you with this service throughout Texas. Since customers are paying for their electric upfront and in advance, they aren’t receiving a billing statement every ending of a month. This is how payment works, you place the amount of money you want into your account. That amount of money is corresponding with the amount of electric you are paying for. You will have a meter to keep track of electric use. Also, you will get either an email or text message displaying exactly how much electricity you have left and how much was used. A simple way of explaining this process is comparing it your phone. When you plug your charger up into your phone, you’re filling up the battery – and when you add money in your account, you’re filling up the balance. In both situations, you can insert a lot or just little but you do not want your battery/balance vacant or empty. The notifications also give an estimate of how many more days you have left. But you must remember the use of electricity can fluctuate day by day, meaning you may use more tomorrow than you did today. It is smart to place money into your account anytime the balance is getting uncomfortably low. If a client does manage to run up the entire balance, no worries since all you have to do are add funds to your prepaid account and your lights will be up and running again. Don’t hesitate and go find your preferred prepaid electricity company in Texas today!

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