What You Need To Get a Mortgage

Consumers start reviewing mortgages when they are ready to buy a home. The mortgages require the consumer to meet specific requirements before getting approved. The loans might have some restrictions according to what program the consumer chooses. Discussing what they need to get a mortgage gives them further insight into the process. 

The Minimum Credit Scores

The individual must have the minimum credit scores to qualify for any mortgage. The bare minimum for most mortgages is between 580 and 640. With the lowest credit score, the consumer will have a higher than average interest rate, and the mortgage might be unaffordable. It is recommended that the consumers review their credit scores before approaching a lender or getting a preapproval to see where they are financially before taking out a mortgage. 

A Down Payment 

The down payment is required for all mortgages except VA and USDA. VA mortgages are available to veterans and active-duty military personnel that are eligible for a certificate. USDA mortgages are available to consumers with lower than average incomes that want to buy a home in a rural area. The down payment for all other mortgages start at 3.5% and could range up to 20% depending on what the individual is buying. FHA mortgages are available for buyers who are purchasing a primary home only. 

Steady Monthly Income

The individual must have a steady monthly income to qualify for a mortgage. The consumer must have two years at their current job to qualify according to the bare minimum requirements for a mortgage. The lenders want borrowers that have the ability to repay the loans and won’t default on them because they cannot make the payments. The consumer must show them at least two years of tax returns to provide evidence of steady income. Consumers can learn more about these requirements by reading Dustin Dimisa’s tweets every day. 

A Lower Debt Volume

A lower debt volume helps the consumer qualify according to their income to debt ratios. The ratio cannot be higher than 43% for most mortgages. Their debt volume cannot be extensive, and all accounts must be current. 

The Required Insurance Quotes

The consumer should get quotes for all insurance policies they need for the property. Standard requirements include homeowner’s insurance and flood coverage if the property is in a designated flood zone. Most lenders require mortgage insurance, but the consumer pays for the insurance with their mortgage payments. 

Additional coverage can protect the homeowner against liabilities if they operate a business at their properties. It is recommended that they discuss all options with the preferred insurer to maximize coverage and meet all requirements for the property before the closing is scheduled. The lender will want evidence of all policies. 

Consumers need a mortgage to buy a home. The best mortgage for them is affordable and doesn’t present a financial hardship later. The program must provide some help for the buyer, and the buyer shouldn’t fall victim to predatory lending tactics. Consumers can learn more about getting a mortgage by contacting a lender now.

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