Your Financial Roadmap to Engineering as a Profession

Scholarships have always been a great source of financial relief for deserving students. Aimed at facilitating students with exceptional intellect but limited financial means to pursing their career aspirations, scholarships provide a clear financial roadmap while bringing in convenience to bear expensive educational expenses. However, a dearth of scholarship programs is quite evident on global scale when we talk in the particular context of engineering related scholarships. One of the many reasons for limited availability of scholarships for engineering student is, undoubtedly, engineering being an expensive profession.

Though public universities strive to allocate more and more funds to the discipline of engineering and make efforts to announce varied engineering programs as much economical as possible yet the affordability factor at the part of less privileged students still remains a problematic area. And this is where to help such students, academia looks at industry to expand its generous wings for extended financial contributions.

Providing financial assistance to engineering students in Hawaii, Nan Inc charity donation really deserves a big hand of applause. With top leadership including its President and Vice Presidents as alumni of UH’s College of Engineering, Nan Inc has been fulfilling its promise to support Civil and Environmental Engineering graduates of its alma mater. Having contributed a gigantic amount of no less than $160000, this local construction firm of Hawaii has set an excellent example of giving back to the basis (College of Engineering, UH). Not only, this scholarship amount is expected to help deserving and aspiring engineering students to carry on their education but also to inspire them paying back to the university once they get such empowerment and resources in their professional lives ahead.

Heavily dependent on Civil and Environmental Engineering Industry, Hawaii’s economy cannot rail its train to prosperity without professionally sound civil engineers. To thrive, it direly needs to invest a lot on these professionals’ education while taking more and more research and innovation initiatives. In the similar context, though College of Engineering, UH is utilizing its full potential, yet need to support financially unstable intelligent minds keeps knocking at the door every time a new batch gets enrolled. Nan Inc charity donation has provided such students a clear financial roadmap to pursue engineering as a profession. An exceptional example and reflection of sense of responsibility, this endeavor is a much needed spirit from other big companies at global level. With professional education becoming unavoidably expensive and financial constraints getting multiply day by day, especially after the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, initiatives like Nan Inc charity donation are a ray of hope for students whereby they are encouraged not to quit or leave their professional journeys in the midst out of fear of financial limitations rather keep moving ahead.

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