Buying furniture can be one of the best ways to help you save some money when redecorating the home. Whilst this is a more convenient choice, it is worth considering that not being able to feel and see the product in person could bring with it some problems. Despite the potential risks which exist when buying online, there is absolutely no reason that people should avoid these kinds of purchases. The trick to having no regrets when buying your furnishings online, is making sure that you understand those risks, and take steps to avoid them. Whether you are buying a sofa, a lampshade or a decorative bowl, here is how to buy with confidence.

Too Good Be True

When it comes to riding incredible prices, it is important to approach with caution. If you are happy to pick up cheaper items then fear not, but if you are looking for genuine quality and you find bargain basement prices, be careful about the product you are buying. In truth what we see with furnishings is that if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Even if a piece looks identical to a high quality one you have found elsewhere, the materials are probably not to the same standard as what you have already found.

Ask for swatches

Colors (and textures) can look really different on a computer than they do in person, so it’s always a good idea to ask for swatches when you’re considering a big purchase. This way you can touch the fabrics and see exactly what color they are. Some shops even offer swatches of wood or metal finishes.

Measure, measure, measure

So you’ve made a cardboard mockup of your sofa and you’re certain it’s the perfect size for your living room. But are you certain it will fit up the stairs? If you live on the first floor and your door is four feet wide this probably won’t be an issue, but if you’re living anywhere else, don’t forget to measure any bottlenecks (hallways, doorways, stairs) that could be a problem for your new furniture. You don’t want to wind up like this.

Checking the Reviews

When you check the reviews ahead of buying furniture, first check the reviews of the company you want to buy from, and then check the individual product reviews. In doing this you can be sure that you are buying from a reputable company, and that the product fits in with your expectations.

Delivery and Returns

Due to the nature of buying online, it may well be that you have to return the product. With this in mind you should always check the returns policy before you make a purchase, to check whether it will cost you anything and whether or not it can be collected from your property. Additionally, you should check on how long delivery is likely to take, because often they won’t construct the item until it has been purchased. If you are planning to complete that living room in a week, you may find that you have a 6 week wait to get the sofa you are going to order.

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