3 Fascinating Uses For Compressed Air

At first glance, compressed air may not look like the most interesting subject, but its many different uses make it truly fascinating. It is used in everything from travel to recreation to work, and you are probably more familiar with the uses of compressed air than you think. 

1. Braking Systems

If you have ever ridden a bus then you have already experienced the use of compressed air brakes and would almost certainly recognize the sound of those brakes releasing that air pressure after the bus has stopped. Compressed air is used to put a great amount of force on the brake pads of a vehicle and the friction of the brake pads bring it to a stop. Air brakes are most commonly used on large vehicles like buses, semis and even trains. Compressed air system Jacksonville FL can also be used in other aspects of the railroad and railway cars like the doors and suspension.

2. Power Tools

There are many power tools that use compressed air to function. Staplers and nail guns as well as painters commonly use compressed air to do their jobs, as do sanding guns. These tools typically work best when used with an air compressor because of the extreme amount of force required for them to function adequately. An air compressor is also a tool in itself and can be used to fill car tires or other things that require air. 

3. Breathing Apparatuses 

While most air compressors are not designed to be used for breathing, there are those that are meant for exclusively for that purpose. The most common type of breathing apparatuses are those used for scuba diving. The air tanks used for scuba diving hold a very large amount of compressed air. This is so that the diver will have enough air to last long enough for a significant dive. If the air in the tank were not compressed, the diver would only have enough for a few breaths. Scuba tanks differ from regular compressed air tanks in that the air is filtered and free from all toxins. The divers also breathe through regulators that decreases the pressures before it ever reaches their mouths in order to avoid injury. 

Compressed air has a great many uses, from things that are necessary to those we do just for fun. It may seem strange that we can actually manipulate air and squeeze it into a smaller space to increase its uses, but it is possible and very beneficial!

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