Fire Academy Preparation

The Fire Academy - (THE ULTIMATE GUIDE)

In addition to in-person or online firefighter training, you will have to successfully complete your fire department’s academy program before you become a firefighter. You will be carefully observed during this program, so consider adopting the following habits prior to beginning your academy training.

Get Out of Bed Early

You will need to prepare for any drive time to the station. In addition, you should prepare for traffic challenges. Therefore, you must leave yourself enough time in the morning to get ready, eat and drive to the station. This may require that you get up 1 hour or more earlier than your normal wake up time. You don’t want to show up on your first day tired and unfocused because you have not gotten used to being up that early.

Every day, change into clean pants and a polo shirt because this is the academy uniform. Each evening, you may wash and press your uniform, but it must be prepared. You are learning not to procrastinate.

Cleaning and Cooking

Every morning, clean your kitchen, floors and bathrooms whether they need it or not. During academy training and when you are assigned to a department, you will be responsible for cleaning and laundry every day, so you need to be in the habit of doing these things regularly.

In addition, you should plan, shop for and cook your meals every day before noon because you need to practice your recipes and you will be unable to cook for yourself during training. In addition, you may be required to share cooking duties in the firehouse and should be prepared with a variety of menus.


After you get up in the morning, you should complete a rigorous physical fitness routine. Firefighting is a very physical job and you need to be in shape to pass the ability assessment.


You will be required to learn about firefighting, typically from manuals. This knowledge will include profession-related laws, processes and equipment. You should also focus on professional development reading and mental exercises. This requires that you eliminate all distractions, including TV and video games. You may also read some fiction to give yourself a break, but avoid sitting in front of the TV for mental breaks.


While you complete your academy training, your paid work time will decrease significantly, resulting in less income. Therefore, you should create a budget, listing all your expenses and the income you need to meet them.

Now that you have prepared for academy, you can focus on your training program. You have developed habits that will help you thrive while you train and succeed in your future firefighting career.

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