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In this encyclopedia we not only want to give you an understanding of how to cut, light and smoke cigars correctly, but also provide you with useful tips on storage. After all, what use is the best cigar if you don’t have time to smoke it straight away or if you would like to give it some time to mature? One utensil is essential for this: the humidor. In this cigar lounge blog you will know the best of the same now.

A humidor is essential

There are different types of humidors. Depending on your passion for collecting, a standard humidor can hold between 10 and 50 cigars. Such a humidor is mostly made of wood. In travel humidors, aluminum or plastic is often found as a building material. Sometimes there are real outdoor wonders under the travel humidors, which are even waterproof up to several meters. If you like it very exclusive and particularly large, you can put yourself in a humidor cabinet in the smoking room at home or in the office. The cigars are then stored horizontally in the humidor. Some humidors offer separate storage areas for each individual cigar, but most humidors are at least equipped with a dividing rod so that the cigars can be stored in different compartments. It is particularly advisable to store Cuban cigars separately from those of other origins, as these have a very strong flavor that can influence that of others or is influenced by them, which pure Cuban supporters will not like at all.

Helpers for the right climate

But such a humidor cannot alone ensure the correct storage of your cigars. He also needs little helpers who create and check the right climate inside. A humidifier is required for the former. The most common ones are made from a sponge or from acrylic polymer crystals. These are moistened with distilled water or propylene glycol liquid and then gradually release the moisture into the environment, so that there is always the right humidity in the humidor. The hygrometer is used to check this used. As an analog variant with a pointer that shows the moisture content or as a digital device, they are already integrated in some humidors or humidor sets. The Boveda-Humidi-Paks are a simple humidification method that is suitable for short trips or a short maximum of 30 days of storing a few cigars. These are available in different humidity levels and ensure a constant climate in the humidor. It couldn’t be easier. Get the best science info about the same now.

The ideal temperature and humidity to properly store cigars

Until the 1980s, humidity between 65 and 75% and room temperature between 22 and 25 ° C were considered ideal, but today the values ​​have changed significantly. The recommended humidity has remained almost the same at 65-67%, but the temperature values ​​have been reduced to 20-22 ° C. You should therefore make sure not to turn the heating in your humidor on fully in winter and always store the cigars relatively cool in the shade in summer.

Effects of storage conditions on the cigar

It is important to ensure that cigars are stored in the correct conditions for a number of reasons. On the one hand, drier cigars burn down faster and become porous and break faster if it is too dry. Cigars that are too moist, on the other hand, burn more slowly, but this can mean that the burn has to be corrected more often or the cigar even has to be re-lit. And who appreciates a constantly interrupted smoke. The moisture content also affects the taste of the cigar. Cigars that are stored at a lower humidity develop more pleasant and fruity aromas in the smell, but the disadvantage is a not quite as pronounced taste in the mouth. If stored more humid, the scent is not so pronounced but the aromas are more intense and persistent after lighting. Depending on their preference, the aficionado can decide at which humidity level between 65 and 75% he would like to store his cigars.

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