Are you thinking of buying a blender? Here is something imperative for you

It is essential to know which blender will work for you. According to the eating habit, a user wants the blender. If you select a blender according to the food you consume, then it would be right for you. An excellent choice to choose the best blender can be the Vitamix blender. There are many variants in the blending machine; some have the quality to grind the ingredient, and others are right in making the juice. If you see the vitamix blender comparison, you may get the best blender as you think to have.

Vitamix 5300 VS Vitamix 6500

It is effortless to know the best Vitamix blender by making a comparison between the two mixers. The only the user needs to see the specification of both blender and differences in the blender. Once you know the differences in the feature, it is simple to choose the best vitamix blender for you. There are many parameters by them vitamix blender comparison is possible.

  • Blades

Vitamix blender 6500 has the 4- inches blades while Vitamix 5300 comes with the 3- inches blades. There are differences in the size of blades, but both the blades are made of stainless steel. These blades are very good at cutting the ingredients and durable, as well.

  • Interface

Both the blenders come with the three pre-programmed settings. The quality of using these pre-programmed settings of Vitamix 6500 is better than the Vitamix 5300 blender. It is considered a con of the 5300 blenders that this feature does not work well as the 5600. Blender 6500 also gives the function to make the speed low and high quickly.

  • Cooling Fan

Vitamix 6500 blender comes with the cooling fan, which keeps the blender fresh and prevents it from overheating. This feature also makes the difference between both blenders. Blender 5300 has a lack of this feature.

  • Power

Vitamix 6500 blender comes with more power than the Vitamix 5300 blander. Blender 6500 has a motor of 2.2 horsepower. 5300 mixer also comes with the 2.2 peak horsepower. The motor must be sturdy so that the work of blending could process efficiently.

  • Safety

Safety is the foremost aspect that a user looks when purchasing any blender. If we talk about the security in the Vitamix 6300 blender, it consists of a cooling fan which keeps the temperature of the blender cool. If the blender is creating more heat and there is no feature in the blender to cool it, it may be harmful for the user.

  • Cleaning

The Vitamix 6500 has a wider area, so it easy to clean it with warm water. Vitamix 5300 is some difficult to clean because of the narrow space, but you don’t face any problem; use the water to clean the blender.

  • Price

The vitamix 5300 blender is cheaper than the 6300 blenders.

  • Conclusion

To choose the best blender between both the blenders depends on a lot of factors. You can choose according to prices or quality.   

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