Kitchen Styles that Stand the Test of Time

The truth is that everybody wants to stay up to date when it comes to the kitchen trends, however, keeping up with all the wide range and ever-emerging kitchen trends can be exhausting not to mention impractical. The secret to ensuring that your kitchen remains up to date lies in integrating distinctive features and quality craftsmanship. Here are a few kitchen styles that stand the test of time.

  1. Quartz for countertops
    Over the year’s granite has reigned as the preferred material for kitchen countertops, however, it’s time to bring in some change to this. Quartz is made from quartz stone and resin; it is highly durable great for countertops. Moreover, it comes in a range of colours from dark solid colours to that false (yet believable) granite finish. It does not chip easily and will withstand knife cuts making a very good working top. It is also easy to maintain and stain resistant thus it doesn’t need a stain preventative seal like the granite. Surely, quartz is the new way to go for your kitchen countertops.
  2. A white kitchen
    White in the kitchen is not something new but continues to stay on top of the preferred list by homeowners and will continue to reign. No one can argue with white; it gives the kitchen a clean look and we all want our kitchen to look clean. In the past years, there has been a rush in stainless steel home appliances but that’s a trend that will soon pass. However, white appliances will remain at the top of stylish kitchens. Besides white appliances are easier to clean and easily integrate with your kitchen’s décor.
  3. A classical kitchen
    This is a contemporary kitchen design inspired by the designs of a past era but fitted with every modern equipment and appliances that a modern homeowner would need in the kitchen. Simply put, this is a kitchen integrating the classical designs with the modern designs and let’s be honest nothing fits the elegance of the classical times. Under the classical kitchen, you can further adopt various designs where the classical side is clear and still a kind of modernity that suits your preference is also visible.
  4. Metal finishes mixed
    Most homeowners tend to use a single metal finish in their kitchen, and it may seem weird to mix metal finishes but in this trendy world what was unusual yesterday is the fashion statement of tomorrow. Incorporate brass finish in the light fixtures while the kitchen appliances take the stainless-steel finish. It will look great and unique and will be here to stay.
  5. Grey for the kitchen
    Grey is another neutral yet characteristic colour that would do great in the kitchen. However, the trick with grey comes with the shade you choose. The different hues will bring different feel in the room. A brown-grey shade, for instance, will bring a warm feel to the kitchen. Remember in the current times the kitchen has become the most important room in the house where the family converges for meals, a warm feeling is key. Grey will work alright as long as you choose the hue right.

A kitchen that will stand the test of time needs to be carefully designed and made from high-quality materials. For such a kitchen, you are not likely to remodel after a few months or a year thus good quality is important to ensure the cabinets and countertops remain in good condition during the time. However, some parts like the kitchen door and cabinets are in constant use and may need replacing before you decide to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen door replacement is a way of remodelling your kitchen on a small scale which will save you time and money, visit

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