The presence of equipment’s like refrigerators and air conditioning unit is so ancient it is easy to take them for granted. With over ninety seven percent of the homes globally owning an air conditioner, the regular consumer should some of the basic and important knowledge of these equipment.

The air conditioner unit has five major parts

The refrigerant: also, more commonly known as the coolant is a special type of liquid meant for as a technology for cooling and freezing. It has a closed looping system on which it operates upon. Its carrier the heat from the inside of a building to the outside. It can be understood as messenger. The basic purpose for its use is to change the air’s temperature and the state from liquid to vapor at the desired temperature. This is the nomadic refrigeration cycling used unto this day.

  1. compressor: the function of a compressor is to create a pressure high for the refrigerant to raise the temperature. This operates on the principle of the combined gas law.
  2. condenser coil: the coil is present in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It is that component which receives a high amount of pressure from the compressor to maintain the temperature of the coil.
  3. the expansion valve: when the refrigerant is in its liquid state. The air conditioner picks the heat from the inside of your home.

The copper tube inside of is depressurizes the liquid refrigerant within the expansion valve. When the indoor air blows over the coils when they are cold, the heat gets absorbed. Here the second law of thermodynamics.

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