Here’s Why Advanced Pipe Repairs Use CIPP Lining

When there’s an issue with your plumbing system, your daily routine will be hampered. Can you imagine getting through a day with a toilet-flushing problem? Inconvenient, right? In order to resolve this concern, you need to get help from pipe repair experts. And if you’re looking for a fast and efficient solution — CIPP, Austin, Texas is the answer.

CIPP Lining: In A Nutshell

CIPP stands for cured-in-place pipe. Considered as one, if not the most innovative way of repairing pipes, this method uses trenchless technology to create a new pipe within a pipe. The pipe is an inflatable material made from polyester pipelines and coated with resin for durability.

This pipe repair technique essentially removes the need for costly digging and excavating. The CIPP, Austin, Texas method involves the following procedures: cleaning out the pipe, inspecting the system, inserting a tube coated with the repair material, inserting a balloon-like material to hold the tube against the pipe (for a few hours), deflating and removing the said material, and inspecting to assure that the repair was done successfully.

The Benefits

Pipe specialists recommend using this advanced pipe repair technique because of the benefits it offers.

It is less costly. When you opt for CIPP, Austin, Texas, you will save on money because of its less invasive approach to repairing damaged underground pipes. As it doesn’t entail digging, you won’t have to pay for additional labor costs nor spend money just to repair landscaping damages.

It is more efficient. This technique can be completed in a matter of hours — depending on the extent and location of the damaged area. Like what’s already mentioned, it skips many tedious processes involved in traditional pipe repair methods, making it a more efficient alternative.

It works with multiple plumbing issues. Whether your plumbing system’s problem is about deterioration, corrosion, faulty installation or root intrusion, CIPP lining can be relied on as a cost-effective solution. Another perk is that it can be used to repair just one part of a pipe or the whole pipe itself.

It leaves zero to minimal damage. If you choose the traditional digging technique, there will be damages left on your landscaping. It’s unpleasant-looking, plus you have to shell out money for repair.

It lasts for decades. Though it only requires a few hours to complete a CIPP lining method, the solution it offers is rather long-lasting. In most cases, it can last for up to five decades. This gives home/building owners a peace of mind as they won’t need to worry about repairing again in the near future.

It is a safe repair method. Compared with conventional techniques, the CIPP technology is a way safer approach — there’s no need for large-scale digging and excavation. Both you and the repairers will not be exposed to health hazards usually present in digging operations (e.g. Asbestos exposure).

It is wildly available. Nowadays, even local pipe repair specialists are capable of delivering CIPP lining technologies. This offers a significant advantage

Advanced Pipe Repair is the trusted team when it comes to CIPP, Austin, Texas. We take out the noise and the mess out of the equation so you can continue with whatever business you’re handling. Contact us today!

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