Guide to do furniture upholstery:

Updating upholstery is an effective way to revamp your sofas and chairs when you want to upgrade your existing furniture to make it look new again. Upholstery services include padding, fabric, and springs that are used to make covers for seats.  If you want to DIY upholstery you require

  • some basic tools
  • some special techniques to learn
  • Few materials

To prevent excessive abrasion, upholstered furniture needs regular care. A vacuum is the best option for removing loose debris and dirt which accumulate and can lead to permanent stains. When you want to renew your old furniture, upholstery helps you in transformation. Reupholstering furniture keeps furniture out of landfills and can be a green choice. Hard cash can be saved with the best upholstery as well.

In this blog, I will guide beginners so they adopt the skill and give their furniture an aesthetic look.  No matter you are making a cover for a sofa or couch, it is necessary to know how much fabric you need. There are some important factors to consider, which include

  • Size of your sofa
  • Shape of your sofa
  • Number of cushions you need.
  • Fabric you choose

Fabric selection

These factors are necessary, but the selection of the fabric is most important. Peculiarly if has a large print or it is velvet, it may also influence the amount of fabric required for your reupholstered sofa or slipcover. Selection for fabric is the first step in an upholstery project, but knowing your yardage is important because it is far better to buy many additional yards than to not have enough fabric. The quality of the fabric is one more factor to contemplate. So must look for special upholstering fabric, which is thicker and made to stand against abrasion.


You do not require any special tools in reupholstering Furniture Upholstery Dubai, but for the job, you will need some essentials. The supplies you need to have been an

  • old chair
  • upholstery weight fabric
  • screwdriver
  • staples
  • staple gun
  • wood glue

steps for upholstery

  • As if you want to paint the frame of the old chair your first step is to remove the chair cushion. This is quite easy to do, all you need is a screwdriver to pull out the four screws.
  • It will take a while to remove all the staples.
  • If you select linen for the seat cushion fabric this will be the elegant selection you made. For cutting material, use scissors and set the cushion on the piece of fabric leaving a little extra for the sides and cut around the cushion.
  • Then we used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the cushion.
  • Then reattached the chair cushion to the chair frame using a screwdriver and the screws that came with the chair
  • You can also give the frame of the chair a coat of clear wax and use a tiny bit of dark wax on the details of the back of the chair.
  • These small but useful skills give you the confidence to take on bigger projects. You will be pleased with the way your chairs will turn out.
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