How To Make a Dust-Free Home A Reality

Do you dream of living in a dust-free home? Do you spend hours dusting only to find that the next day, the dust is back? Fighting dust in your home can feel like a losing battle, but fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to minimize dust and make your home feel cleaner and healthier:

  • Stop dust at the door

Removing shoes before you step inside is the best way to prevent dirt and dust from even entering your home, but if this isn’t possible (and it isn’t always), at least have sturdy doormats at every exterior door so that shoes can be vigorously wiped on them. If you can invest in having a mudroom built, so much the better.

  • Control humidity levels

Did you know that static electricity attracts and holds dust? By maintaining a humidity level of between 40% and 50% will not only help to improve the quality of the air inside your home, it will also help keep static electricity to a minimum, and make your entire home feel healthier and more comfortable.

  • Limit open fronted shelves

We all like to display our favorite items in our home, curios that we’ve collected over the years, souvenirs from our travels and books, but anything placed on a shelf or cabinet that isn’t behind glass, will attract copious amounts of dust and make cleaning the home an even more arduous task. Wherever possible, keep those items you want to display, behind glass, and you’ll find dusting (or not dusting, as the case may be!), a whole lot easier and quicker.

  • Clean your HVAC ducts

Dust, debris and pet dander that have accumulated in your HVAC ducts will eventually start re-circulating around your home, but by having your vents and ducts regularly cleaned, you can limit dust, and help your HVAC system work more efficiently.

  • Don’t neglect your drapes or blinds

Anything that hangs in front of your windows is going to be a magnet for dust, so wash your drapes (you may need to have this done professionally depending on their size) frequently, and vacuum/wipe your blinds to keep dust down.

  • Hire a cleaning service

A certain amount of dust is unavoidable, no matter how many dust-minimizing tips we follow, so why not give up the fight, and let a professional cleaning service pick up their weapons and battle with it on your behalf!

Dust doesn’t have to rule your home, and by following the dust minimizing tips above, and/or hiring a cleaning service to keep your home healthy, clean and dust-free, you can say goodbye to dust for good.


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