How To Wash Mats

Mats are responsible for giving that unique charm in the living room or bedroom. The rug is one of the household items that suffer most from dirt, whether it is stepping on, dropping things on it, or accumulating dust and other dirt.

That is why from time to time, it is so vital that home rugs are washed. Keeping them clean and contributing to the room where they will be used will also have an extended service life. To make your life easier, office entrance mats have some practical tips on washing the carpet at home and making it look new.

First Cleaning

First of all, it is necessary to check if your carpet can be washed. Check the product label for this information.

Because it is a huge piece and that brings together a lot of debris, it is worth doing the first cleaning before placing the rug in the washer. Hanging the rug and tapping helps a lot eliminate the small debris and vacuuming with a specific frequency.

If it is grimy, you can soak it in soap and water. Use a broom to spread and rub some soap all over the piece. After 30 minutes, you can now play in the machine and finish washing.

Machine Wash Mats

If the carpet in your house is the thinnest, the first part must be done manually: you can remove the larger debris with a broom, for example. Then, when placing in the machine, select the programming for heavy fabrics. Oh, and remember to check the capacity of your washer before you start washing your rug.

The only difference for washing heavy clothes is that you do not necessarily need to use fabric softener, and it is worth selecting at least three rinses to ensure that all soap leaves your carpet.

Wash Shaggy Mats

As mentioned above, for fur mats, you will need to pre-wash with soap and water. This is because, on a fur rug, it is much easier for the dust to accumulate, leaving it soiled so quickly.

When putting it in the washer, don’t forget to divide the weight evenly. The hair accumulates a lot of water, and your piece will be cumbersome. Depending on how much soap you have used, you will need some rinses.

How To Clean A Mat?

The tatami-style rubberized rugs are standard in the gym and for children to play, but they also accumulate dirt and look grimy. Therefore, it is always essential to sanitize the carpets of this model.

Cleaning the mat is very simple; this model does not need to be taken to the washing machine. After all, you will only need a neutral detergent, lint-free cloths, a soft bristle brush, and a broom. First, it is necessary to sweep the entire carpet to remove the excess dust, then wet the rubber with water with a detergent and rub with the brush. Finally, just let it dry in a place with good ventilation and sunny; it is essential to make sure that it is scorched to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

Drying The Carpet

Regardless of the model of your carpet, it is essential to let it dry in the shade to avoid stains. Because it is pretty woven, it should be left to dry for a whole day, at least. Nobody wants to smell like wet carpet inside the room.

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