About Polypropylene Carpets

Different types of polypropylene carpets according to Unimat  are:

Polypropylene Tropical Style Rug

This is indeed a third change where there are any. And is that polypropylene vinyl rugs can be put on the skin of almost anything.

And to demonstrate it here, they wear the tropical suit, with a design freshly brought from the virgin forest, still almost wet, but without the bugs and other annoyances.

The versatility of these rugs is seen not only in the different, striking, and original design based on tropical decoration but also in its fabric that is not braided but composed of a large number of knots (infinite numbers, to be exact) attached to the base of the carpet.

This is already a thicker carpet, 12mm, with a soft and cozy tread. It is a design meant to stand out, and it is certainly not for those who like boring and discreet decorations. However, it can precisely be used to reactivate a room that has been somewhat dull and needs a shot of color and vitality.

Persian Style Polypropylene Rug

If you like the classic style of Persian and Oriental rugs, there is no reason to give up the advantages of a polypropylene vinyl rug.

Another style twist shows us that if we have talked about versatility, we have not done it in vain. This vinyl rug model brings us the polypropylene interpretation of the classic Persian rug of a lifetime.

This model does not cost several organs of the body, and you will not get cold sweats if the child throws the ice cream on it or if the gas inspector has not cleaned the mud when entering the house. Because in this case, the classic oriental design is not incompatible with practicality and easy maintenance.

Like the previous tropical model, this rug is thick, about 12 mm, with a soft and pleasant tread, and is also made in hallway formats to have a classic hallway with a durable rug.

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